The week of “Heimat”

By Colin D.


6. January 2019

In this report I will describe my journey to the town of Mülcheim an der Ruhr . I am going to describe my experiences, the things and facts that made an impression on me and I liked the most. Firstly, these 7 days in Germany were some of the most memorable days of my life. I firmly believe that this was one in a life-time experience. From this journey I have already gained a lot of experiences that have changed up to a certain extent my own way of thinking. I will start describing each part of our journey separately. SCHOOL:The truth is that I really liked the German school (the classrooms, Aula, and the whole school generally). It was clean, beautifully decorated and the students were seemed to care about it. I liked that we attended a lesson with a foreign teacher because we acquired much new knowledge. Also the presentations at the beginning of the week were a pretty good idea to get to know each other.

Museums and Visits

MUSEUMS AND VISITS:I think that the places that we visited were quite good choices. The museums were interesting and sometimes different from the regular ones. I also liked that the fact that we had free time all the afternoons and evenings was really important while we had the chance to get to know each other better and spend our free time the way we liked.

As I said before, it was really important to me that we had enough free time. I think it was one of the most important parts of the day due to the fact that we were doing what it pleases us, we had plenty of conservations with our hosts and their friend about several topics and we saw from a different perspective the city of Mülcheim (shopping centers, squares and shops). Also thanks to free time it was given to us a chance get to know better our host families, some of their friends and the members of the Erasmus programgenerally.FRIENDS:I believe that Erasmus program gives us great opportunities to meet new people that we couldn’t have met otherwise. I think that meeting new people and specifically people of your age makes you more mature and it completely influences you to the better. If you pick the positive characteristics of every person, in the end you will have gained so many positive things for yourself that will make you a better person. So I firmly believe that this part of the program was one of the most beneficial parts.

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