Youth @ home in Europe

Youth @ home in Europe

Youth @ home in Europe

Youth @ home in Europe

Youth @ home in Europe

Youth @ home in Europe

About the Project

You may have heard of the Erasmus+ program- “Youth@home in Europe?It is 3-year project carried out by students and teachers from Norway, Portugal, Slovenia, France, Greece, Italy and Germany. Erasmus+ was originally an exchange program for students, providing them with a chance to mingle with new mates on the continent and expand their knowledge and learning. Erasmus+ isn’t an unfinished sum or mathematical equation. It is an extended program that covers education, training, youth and sport. Sounds a bit vague, doesn’t it? Right, so Erasmus+ provides an opportunity to over four million Europeans to study, train, gain work experience and volunteer abroad. That’s a bit clearer isn’t it?  You can meet other young people and discuss your interests, lives and cultures. This is basically an exchange program and is a great opportunity to experience another culture.  Our project “Youth @ home in Europe” questions the


young Europeans way of life, referring to their wishes, dreams and hopes, values and their self-image as Europeans.Thus, Youth @ home in Europe has an up-to-date reference that is particularly relevant in the face of the multiple challenges facing the European Union. The problems in the history of the European Union have hitherto been seen as a challenge to be solved together, and they are now increasingly splintering and drawing a picture that is somewhere between European cohesion on the one hand and the reclaim of national borders and currencies on the other. What makes today’s 14 to 16-year-olds feel at home in Europe? We feel committed to the search for traces, emphasizing the everyday experience of young people from seven European countries. In the duration of two and a half years we will discuss the topics “Heimat”, “Refugees and leaving home”, “Childhood”, “Everyday life” and “Future”. Of course, we hope to find answers.

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